Welding Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

If you are a welder, one of the things you must be concerned with is safety. Safety must be the first thing you look into regardless of the process you will be using. Even if you take your mind off safety for a short time, there can easily be an accident. In welding, you have to make sure that you are safe against fire, compressed gases, toxic fumes and electric shock among others. There is also a high risk of personal injury if you do not use the right equipment for the job.

Fire safety – whenever you are welding, fire is definitely a hazard. Before you begin torch cutting or welding, you need to first inspect the area where you will be working for combustibles. If there are combustibles, move them at least 35 feet away from where you will be working. Ensure that you have a fire extinguisher close by.

Chemical Safety – You must ensure that if you are going to be torch cutting or welding items that each one of them does not have any flammable materials, toxic or explosive materials, acid, tar or grease.

Personal Protection – because of the ultraviolet light that is emitted by the welding, it is important that you wear your cutting glasses, goggles and helmet. Make sure to have the hood down before you begin welding to prevent welding flash which is a common injury to the eyes.

Respiratory protection – Fumes such as nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide are produced when welding is taking place. You have to protect yourself from these and metals such as copper, vanadium, zinc, manganese, chromium, fluoride, cadmium and lead.

In welding, pipe turning rolls are used to both perfectly position and roll applications such as wind towers, oil pipes, gas pipes and pressure vessels. They are manufactured based on the specific needs of the client and are therefore customizable. Using the track mount wheels or other accessories, it is possible to customize the rolls. Regardless of what you will be using, the rolls are made to ensure that you work safely and efficiently.

The load capacities that the rolls can handle vary from three thousand pounds to 2.4 million pounds. They come with a variety of speed powered rotations so that you can rotate slowly or fast depending on what you are doing. The wheels come in Micarta, Steel, Rubber and Urethane and they can be traditional, self-adjusting, tilting rolls, unitized and turbine rolls as well.

Welding is not easy work, and if you do not use the right equipment, it can become dangerous as well. You must combine quality with precision and speed and you need a machine to help you with this. Pipe turning rolls are very important for positioning the system and they are necessary for both heavy and light applications in welding. By using them as opposed to a manual system, it is possible to improve production while providing the necessary safety. Consider these safety tips before you take on your next welding job.

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Filling Machines: Automated or Semi-Automated?

The packaging industry is one of the leading industries that are growing these days. The significance of this industry may not be known to general people, however professionals working in this industry can’t ignore its significance.

There is not even a single day where we do not make use of a bottle or other container. Everyone uses bottles or other containers to take out various product types. The list of product types is endless, as most of the products these days come in the packaged forms. However, have you ever wondered how the products are filled into the bottles or other containers?

In order to get the job done, you can find various types of filling machines in the market. Depending upon the technology used in the machine and scale of the projects, you can choose any type of machine. Another distinction point is the type of product you are dealing with. For example, you can choose liquid filling machines or powder filling machines.

Depending upon the needs your business, you should choose the best machine. However, your work is not yet done, as you will have to make your choice between a fully automated machine or a semi-automated machine.

As the name suggests, a fully automated machine does all the tasks on its own without even the need of human efforts. The best is that you can expect to have 100% accuracy, while boosting the productivity. Moreover, all your tasks will get done in a timely fashion. On the other hand, in a semi automated machine, some part of the tasks will get done by humans. Although these machines are also meant to increase the productivity, however, they do not reduce the overhead expenses as much as automated machines do.

No doubt, you are looking for a high quality machine for your business. However, to get 100% success in your hunt, you should reach the best stop-shop. This may seem a really easy affair, however, do not make a mistake by considering it an overwhelming task. In fact, you should do your homework and look for the best company first.

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